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Fix error could not unmount disk on Mac

Mac is one of the most widely used operating system. It provides you features to divide the hard drive into separate volumes to manage data in efficient and organized manner. Among the volume created, one is Startup volume which is used to boot the system and other one is non-startup volume also known as unmountable volume. But in case the unmountable Mac volume gets damaged or corrupted then all stored data becomes inaccessible.

To rectify the problem, Mac has provided an inbuilt tool name Disk utility. It is free utility used to check the integrity and consistency of the Mac hard drive. Not only this, it also fix minor file system errors. However, this utility sometimes fails to work on non-startup or unmountable volumes and gives following error :

“repairing disk failed with error. Could not unmount disk”

After getting above error message, when you try to check the console of the Mac disk utility, you will see the below entries :

“Verify and repair disk storage”

“The disk storage could not be unmounted”

“Could not unmount disk for verification”

In most of the cases, system stop responding and become unresponsive and return to its normal state after sometime. But if error could not unmount disk does not fixed, then there is need of third party Mac data recovery software to recover data from unmountable volume. It uses efficient scanning algoritm to recover lost data from damaged hard drive.