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Resolve Mac Startup Error and Disk Issues

Mac operating sytem is always known for its high-end features and reliable performance. However, regardless of all such features, errors occurs in every application. Sometimes you may encounter startup issues, slow boot problem or booting halts in the middle on Mac. These things frustrates when same Mac startup error occurs every time when you startup the computer.

There are number of reasons that are responsible for Mac startup error but some most prominent ones include unexpected system shutdown, virus infection, file system corruption, newly installed software/hardware, power surge. All these reasons indicates the inaccessibility to the data stored in the Mac hard drive. Under some weird situations, you may receive error when try to delete some files like “ your startup disk is full, try to delete some message”. This error disallows you from performing any tasks like opening, deleting, moving or copying files. Even when you have free virtual memory, the error message keeps popping up.

To resolve Mac startup error, there is an inbuilt tool known as disk utility provided by Mac. You can run this tool to check and repair disk errors. If the problem persists, you can run the 'fsck' command line utility to resolve the problem. But if the Mac disk is severly corrupted and these utilities fails then you must use third party Mac data recovery software to resolve Mac error and to recover your lost or accidentally deleted data.