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Mac Trash recovery: User Guide and Tutorials

Mac Trash recovery is an efficient utility to recover lost files, folders and documents emptied from Trash bin. The utility contains simple and graphical interface and comes with step by step instruction guide to help you easily recover lost file. It supports data recovery form HFS, HFS+, HFS wrapper and FAT based file system. It also recover data from formatted Mac hard disk. The tool works well with different Mac versions.

Follow the step by step guidelines to recover data from Mac Trash :

Step 1 :- Install Mac Trash recovery software and then from displayed list of options, slect “Fresh Recovery” option.

Step 2 :- Now select the appropriate section from Mac computer from which you want to recover the data

Step 3 :- Now, you will be given four different options like Quick recovery, deleted file recovery, formatted media/lost file recovery, search lost/deleted volumes. If you want to recover deleted files from Mac trash bin, then choose deleted file recovery options.

Step 4 :- Now the list of all hard drives will be shown. Select the volume on which you want to perform deleted file recovery and then continue

Step 5 :- After the scanning process is completed, it will display the list of all files and photos. All you need to do is to choose the file that you want to recover and then click on them and save them in a new location.